Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

So I havent blogged in a about a month, but I must say, I have been busy! Doing taxes for the prior year, and updating The Dashing Pearl website.... so much do, and so little time. While I have completed either one of those tasks, my goal is to complete the taxes by the end of next week... and to update and add products to be added to the website by the end of Feb.

I fugure if I post this goal in writing - there will be something out there keeping me to it! Espcially with our first born baby on the way.... there is much to do business-wise and baby-wise before the baby comes to ensure a smooth transaction!

While I am not posting anything new, I thought I would share snippets from my old blog, while this blog is still in transition.

This link provides all of my old postings on a day in the life me - the artist behind this unique lit business. Enjoy!

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