Saturday, September 21, 2013

Farmer's Market Saturday

Today was an awesome Pearl day!

We attended the local Fresh Goods & Crafts Market today in downtown Winter Haven! Met some very interesting people - and looking forward to next saturday's market! Look for us there!

Next on the agenda....  filling orders and updating the booth space! I think we could use a bit of an update, new displays new signage! We will see what can be done in the week!

Happy Saturday!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools ?

So no April Fools joke that it's been nearly 2 months since my last post. I feel like since becoming a mother time seems to escape from me more than it ever did. Does anyone out there feel the same? It's nuts how life takes us on this crazy ride! I am not complaining.... I'm just enjoying every bit of it!

So happy late Easter to everyone-you can see my lil one-now 9 months old, enjoyed his first Easter celebration. He's growing so fast!

We just completed another order with Zulily and are preparing in the studio for spring and summer! There's much to do on my planning list and hope to share along the way! On the list... Mother's day specials, and graduation deals, and Little Mister's first birthday in June!!! So excited he will be 1 and I will have 1 year of motherhood under my belt! Whoo Hoo!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays!

It has been cray cray crazy busy around here.... filling orders, we've been going strong since July! Thank you all of our wonderful customers.

Today we just shipped out the last of the 50+ something orders to get delivered by Christmas..... whew!

We hopy hope everyone has a happy holiday and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yummy Goodness!!

I love that mocha color of coffee you get when you add a little bit of cream and sugar to it... and I especially love it in my new turquoise mug! I had it made for me by fellow Etsyian- Karen Goldberg! She makes fabulous pottery pieces and now I am thinking I should've ordered two, just so I can share in the yummy goodness of this mug with a friend or my hubby!!!  I just Love Love Love the turquoise paint she uses-and well, because I mainly love the color turquoise - with a side of pink and grey is nice too! (LOL)  ;)
Karen's pieces are made well and are of true craftsmanship! She'll design any piece you see in her shop to your color specifications!

There's nothing like sipping your favorite coffee or drink in your new favorite mug listening to the rain showering down outside while your lil one sleeps! So much joy - from one perfect lil mug! Prefect evening to end the day!

- Plotting my schedule for the rest of the week for jewelry orders placed July 31st through the 3rd!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jewelry Maker Style

So-my Plum District deal got a very positive response and I had to run out get some office supplies and make a plan to get organized! I am pretty much already organized but it was an excuse to get some more swanky notebooks and folders!

In addition to that, my sweet lil yorkie is one of the best assistants out there-she's always by my side in the studio... No matter how late I am working on creating jewelry and packaging orders! So for her today- in true jewelry maker style-a reward! One sterling silver necklace of her very own complete with a birthstone-pink for her Oct birthday, of course!

Do you think I should add these puppy necklaces to my shop for others to spoil their four legged friends?

Leave a comment-let me know!!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plum District

So being a new mom, who also is a jewelry artist, I decided to feature my jewelry on the site Plum District - its a site that features products for mommies.... For Moms, By Moms!

Check out my deal here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Every since I was a little girl and as far back as I can remember... I have loved purses, handbags, totes, cosmetic bags, you name it... I love bags! My mother and grandmothers would always complain about me running off in department stores to the purse section as soon as we got inside. I would want to be the cute girl with the awesome purse or tote. They knew, if I got lost (to them anyway) in the store... I would be in the purse section!!

Like jewelry, handbags are the only other fashion accessory that always seem to "fit", there's no sizes to figure out, no trying on to see if it makes your butt looks big.... it always fits. Now, of course, when I am buying a handbag I try it on to see how it wears on me, like... "is it me", or "will I look like the girl with the awesome purse" those kinds of things, and I also must say I try out my jewelry to see wear it hangs on the neckline... but in all reality - really jewelry and handbags will always fit, theres no, "I just had a baby, and my pants are tight, and maternity clothes are big" thoughts.... when buying these accessories.  Looking back, I think its funny... but to this day, I still love handbags so much, that I find myself always drooling over them, buying them - my husband even jokes around calling me a "bag lady" - its like I am in search for the perfect one, yet when I do, I am falling in love with another somewhere else!!

I totally should design my own handbag collection in addition to my jewelry. Don't you think that would be fun! I have loads of dreams of being a mommy mogul with my jewelry and accessories line! It of course, it would be so fabulous! Rather "Dashing", don't you think?? I dunno.. maybe I ought to think on that one!

Anyhow, until then... I can drool over other fabulous designer handbags. I ran into an college sorority sister a few months back, and saw her carrying a fabulous Glenda Gies handbag! OMG!! I was so excited to see the handbag... and her of course, but THAT Handbag... so awesome! So gorgeous, loved the fabric, and just wanted to fall out flat becuase it was so awesome! LOL - you know the feeling! You see, just a few months prior, I had seen these bags at one of the shows I attend, and knew I should've got one then! But I passed, yet, never stopped thinking about them. Anyhow, my friend was the girl with the awesome purse - and looked really good on her!

So now, of course, I just have to have one! And, I wanted to share that I have added a few handbags from Designer Glenda Gies to my online gift section. I just love these - they are so exquisite - luxurious handbags and totes. She really uses quality materials and hardware - so luxe! I am only featuring a few of her bags right now since I am offering them at a discounted price, I may end up adding more of her line (cosmetic bags and coin purse too), if all goes well!!

Check them out! I am def. going to have to snag myself one!

Want a particular Glenda Gies Bag, but its not on my website? Leave a comment of the style number and colors and I will see if I can get it added!