Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sharing, Blogging, Business Branding and Branding You!

So I just checked into my IndieGoGo account, and I am sad to report no results on raising the funds to support my little business in my mini corner of the world wide web. My goal was to purchase advertising space in mommy magazines, and show off my talents of handstamping custom creations!

Advertising can be sooo expensive, and I have found a few magazines that would be perfect to be a part of... but I dont think I am quite ready for that advertisng expense! Although, I am ready for the next steps in growing my business to that level.

On the brighter side, I found three wonderful and helpful sites to help me learn of other ways promote, and thought I'd share them.

First up is:  The SITS Girls: a bloggng website helping other bloggers blog more effectively, creatively, and support others in "bloggy goodness" as they like to say! They even have free forums, and Blogging Boot camp! I am up for this lttle adventure of learning more in the craft of blogging. As we know I could be better about it, and blog more often. I have several thoughts and ideas that run and dance in mind each day of things to put on my blog and share, but getting them here is another story, and I'd like to make and extra effort to be more apart of the blogging universe. I think SITSGirls is a good place to start.

Second: I stumbled onto the Blog: Rags to Stiches  - where Alissa blogs about her life, dreams, struggles and triumphs. And it is through her inspirational blog featured on the SITSGirls site, that I also found the thrid great site....

Passionfruit: where bloggers can sell and promote other small business and blogs through thier own sites and to others alike. So I signed up for an ad space on Alissa's blog - a small advertising piece of change to learn about the process and set up my account there as well. These three sites were just one little glory of my day!

I orginally set up this blog to talk about a day in the life of a jewelry artist.... an rightly so, I will. But after today's adventures of surfing the net... it will include the journey of not only crafting, and creating jewelry, but now also the aspects of building a small business brand. And in addition to that, I hope to incorporate this blog mainly as a place where you can learn more about me - not only as the artist who creates those custom pieces but also the woman who shares her journey in life with family and friends!

So, as an add in here for the first time... something more personal.... My hubby and I are expecting our first child this summer! I am excited to say that I am just around 11 weeks away form the big day. We've had lots of homemade projects going on up to now (guest room redo to baby room), and I think it would be something neat to share...

So stay tuned to The Dashing Pearl, because there's more to come form this creative crafting, jewelry artist, wife, and mommy to be..... and I cant wait to share with you!