Monday, August 6, 2012

Yummy Goodness!!

I love that mocha color of coffee you get when you add a little bit of cream and sugar to it... and I especially love it in my new turquoise mug! I had it made for me by fellow Etsyian- Karen Goldberg! She makes fabulous pottery pieces and now I am thinking I should've ordered two, just so I can share in the yummy goodness of this mug with a friend or my hubby!!!  I just Love Love Love the turquoise paint she uses-and well, because I mainly love the color turquoise - with a side of pink and grey is nice too! (LOL)  ;)
Karen's pieces are made well and are of true craftsmanship! She'll design any piece you see in her shop to your color specifications!

There's nothing like sipping your favorite coffee or drink in your new favorite mug listening to the rain showering down outside while your lil one sleeps! So much joy - from one perfect lil mug! Prefect evening to end the day!

- Plotting my schedule for the rest of the week for jewelry orders placed July 31st through the 3rd!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jewelry Maker Style

So-my Plum District deal got a very positive response and I had to run out get some office supplies and make a plan to get organized! I am pretty much already organized but it was an excuse to get some more swanky notebooks and folders!

In addition to that, my sweet lil yorkie is one of the best assistants out there-she's always by my side in the studio... No matter how late I am working on creating jewelry and packaging orders! So for her today- in true jewelry maker style-a reward! One sterling silver necklace of her very own complete with a birthstone-pink for her Oct birthday, of course!

Do you think I should add these puppy necklaces to my shop for others to spoil their four legged friends?

Leave a comment-let me know!!