Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jackson's Arrival

OK Friends....

Some of you may have known that I was pregnant and expecting our first child over the past few months, and now I have exciting news to share, my son, Jackson was born on June 16th, 2012!!! I am happy and overjoyed with our new edition to our family! Hubby and I are no longer 2 with a puppy... were 3 with still one sweet Yorkie!

After recovering for the past week, settling in, and figuring feeding and sleeping schedules (still figuring this out)... I am just now getting back into making jewelry orders, focusing on new items and balancing being a new mom.  I have a few weeks off as well from my day job and plan to take full advantage of balancing jewelry making and motherhood! So wish me luck! I always have new ideas and hope to finally be able to bring one or two to life!!

Any moms out there who balance it all?? Any suggestions, tips, or thoughts? Please leave a comment and share!